D a v i d  C o r t n e r . c o m

P h o t o g r a p h y    e  t  c .

238 Rivercliff Drive
Connellys Springs, NC 28612

I'll bring the studio to you so your delicate works are never at risk and hard-to-move pieces can stay where they are. Maybe your collection is scattered or otherwise ungainly. Maybe you'd just rather not relocate it for the photographer's convenience.

I'll shoot in your studio, gallery, home, or other locations — I'll go where your art is to produce studio-quality photographs for a printed catalog, a folio, or the web.

Sculpture, painting, pottery, intarsia, encaustics, textiles, ephemera, wax, glass, brass, marble, ice — whatever your art and whatever your medium, I'll work hard to showcase the nuances you work hard to achieve. Together, we'll produce a clean presentation that puts the spotlight right where you want it: on your work.

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