Photographer David Cortner
Johnson City Public Library, 2017

Beginning February 2017


All but two of the images in this exhibit were made for CD's by Caldwell County North Carolina musicians, most for anthologies and showcase performances supported by the Caldwell County Arts Council. The performances and CDs were produced by Patrick and Kay Crouch for over 100 musicians living throughout the county, people who, for the most part, make their living doing anything but playing music.

The Galleria Space at the Johnson City Public Library was made possible by the patrons of the library. Thank you very much!

David Cortner is a Johnson City native living in Rutherford College, North Carolina. He's been an amateur astronomer and photographer for 47 years, and, at various times and among other things, a physics student, a philosophy student, an I.T. professional, several varieties of commercial photographer, a science writer, and a webworker for diverse clients throughout the United States. To see more of his work, please visit

These framed prints may be purchased for $275. Delivery is at the discretion of the library following this exhibit. Prints (unlimited editions, signed by request) may be ordered in sizes appropriate for your use. Please inquire (

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