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238 Rivercliff Drive
Connellys Springs, NC 28612


Caldwell County Traditional Musicians Showcases

Kay and Patrick Crouch are the core of the bluegrass trio Strictly Clean and Decent. Patrick, a lifelong Caldwell County, North Carolina, resident wanted to showcase the many superb but unknown musicians living across the county.

Once a year, Patrick organizes the Traditional Musicians Showcase, spends a month or more recording the performers, and then puts them on stage. Highland Creek Design produces the packaging for each year's CD. At last count, over 100 local musicians have been introduced to their neighbors on the showcase stage and on its CDs.

We provide original photography for the CDs and performance photography for the musicians to use in their own projects and for PR. Each year, we do the CD design, layout and prepress to do our part in showcasing the performers at their best.



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