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Desert Exposure

David Fryxell was editor-in-chief at F&W Publications, where he oversaw nationally circulated magazines including Writer's Digest and The Artist's Magazine and founded Family Tree Magazine, America's number-one genealogy publication. He's won more than 100 awards for his writing and editing, including community and arts coverage as features editor of the St. Paul, Minnesota, Pioneer Press; as editor of Milwaukee Magazine; and as a roving newspaper columnist in Dubuque, Iowa. He's the author of three books of writing instruction, most recently Write Better, Write Faster.

In 2003, David and Lisa Fryxell moved to Silver City, New Mexico, to publish "Desert Exposure," an ad-supported monthly magazine that's been called "The New Yorker of New Mexico."

In 2005, David tapped Highland Creek Design to create and maintain the online edition. Every month, we formatted and post the entire issue's stories, columns, features, and news items with rotating ads, selected images, and extra, online-only content so David's far-flung readers (from Antarctica to Finland) can find "the biggest little paper in the southwest" on their computers.

(Desert Exposure eventually went the way of all print —it was aquired by an out-of-state conglomerate— after ten years of happy collaboration.)


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