Total Eclipse, 1972

In 1972, a total solar eclipse occured for Canadian locations ranging from the Mackenzie River delta of Canada's Northwest Territories to the Maritime provinces. This photo was made near Stanhope Beach on Prince Edward Island. The foreground is a 1/4-second exposure with a 28mm Lentar lens on a Praktica FX3 on Kodachrome 25 just a few seconds before the end of totality (yes, I do remember all that. Vividly). You can see the outline of the shadow of the Moon on the high cirrus clouds. Physics professor Edward Burke, Jr., of King College (now University) in Bristol, Tennessee, is standing on a ladder beside a 10-inch reflector using a dim flashlight to adjust his camera. His daughter Julia tends a 3-inch Unitron refractor directly below the eclipsed Sun. I shot the partial phases through a dense filter using a 3.5-inch Questar and composited them with the landscape at their correct size and position years later.

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