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238 Rivercliff Drive
Connellys Springs, NC 28612

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The web is all about controlling your image and tailoring your message with visual cues. I've been a webworker for as long as there's been a web (remember when the Vatican's was the only site on the planet or the fight about whether commerce would be permitted on the Internet? I do). Much has changed, but the need for quality graphics and thoughtful, appropriate design hasn't.

I do webwork as Highland Creek Design which also draws on a variety of web professionals for SEO, message-tuning, db-design and automation.

We can develop an all new site, help your existing site meet your latest needs ("RxDesign"), or undertake regular updates to insure that your message is always presented in fresh, compelling ways that keep your visitors coming home for more.

No templates, no cookie-cutters, no tired photostock: custom webwork is all we do — because that's exactly what you need.

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