D a v i d  C o r t n e r . c o m

P h o t o g r a p h y    e  t  c .

238 Rivercliff Drive
Connellys Springs, NC 28612

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What's this all about?
  Folios for Artists & Craftspeople
  Commissioned Photography
  Prints & Gallery Sales
  Digital Rescue
  CD Design
  Design for Print
  Maybe even a wedding
  What's Next?

  Johnson City Public Library (2017)

Assorted Projects:
10 years of Caldwell County Musicians
    (10 more coming)
The Pop Ferguson Blues Festival
Venus and the Moon
The Usual New Mexico
Sea Kayak Adventures
Archives: Storytelling & a Solar Eclipse
City of Rocks, New Mexico

The Slow Blog
Usually something new every coupla weeks

   (I am SO far behind on this.)

About Me     Mail Bonding (davidcortner@pobox.com)
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