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starry skies staring at the sun Rev Barber
The Starry Night
Staring at the Sun
Who knows what all?

Here you'll find a lot of current and not-so-current work, stuff I do because I just can't help it and some I do because people ask me to. Many of the photos are accompanied by technical chatter because I've learned from others who provide commentary and I think I should pass along the good will.

There's also a Best Of gallery for "pretty pictures" without so much tech talk. It's filled at the moment with starry skies. If you don't know the difference between a dark frame and a bias frame or the difference between a softbox and shoot-through umbrella (and have no reason to care if you ever do) that might be the link for you. Enjoy!

The "Best of" Gallery is always a work in progress. It's ALL always a work in progress. Portrait galleries, storytellers, musicians, weddings, assorted earthbound folios all deserve some pixels here. Things are coming along. Just not very fast.



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