Miscellany 15: Loren Eiseley

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10/21/2016. Happy birthday to me from the Internet. A few days late, but hey. For years, I've looked for any recording -- audio or video -- of Loren Eiseley. I had no idea what he sounded like. Tonight, the net finally gave me one. Thanks! (Julia Lee Higgs, our shared enthusiasm for this guy's essays is how I met your Dad.)


Loren Eiseley Animal Secrets



Don't get your hopes up: this is a curiosity, not an inspiration. If you weren't a fan already, this wouldn't make you one. The guy who wrote all those wondeful essays is AWOL, replaced by some kind of second-rate, buttoned-down, office-bound Marlin Perkins doppleganger. Still... nice to hear a voice to go with the essays.


10/27/2016. Got around to watching the entire episode of "Animal Secrets" that I linked to last week. Sold it short, I did. Here's a transcript of a brief bit of Eiseley's narration:

All the back aches, flat arches, those stabs of pain from the vestigial appendix are reminders that we are still experimenting with an upright posture... These defects are the scars that evolutionary change leaves in our bodies. Men are like old manuscripts written and scrawled over continuously by the inexorable hand of the ages. Each one of us is both a palimpsest of the past and the oncoming future.


DAMN! That's from an NBC weekend nature series. How many times can you find "vestigial" let alone "palimpsest" in a telescript of the last 20 years? Take THAT, Marlin Perkins.







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