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Some fine day, I'll replace the
Flash content that used to live here
with a nice alternative.

That day has not yet arrived.

There are surely some other
Flashy bits here and there
on this site. Same goes for them.

What's this all about?
  Folios for Artists & Craftspeople
  Commissioned Photography
  Prints & Gallery Sales
  Digital Rescue
  CD Design
  Design for Print
  Maybe even a wedding
  What's Next?

  Johnson City Public Library (2017)

Assorted Projects:
10 years of Caldwell County Musicians
    (10 more coming)
The Pop Ferguson Blues Festival
Venus and the Moon
The Usual New Mexico
Sea Kayak Adventures
Archives: Storytelling & a Solar Eclipse
City of Rocks, New Mexico

The Slow Blog
Usually something new every coupla weeks

 (I am SO far behind on this, but I'm still at it.)

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