Miscellany 11: Reverend Barber

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9/25/2015. Amy and I went to Asheville
to hear Reverend William Barber II at the St. James A.M.E. Church. Reverend Barber, who stands at the core of the Moral Mondays movement in North Carolina, is the finest, most impassioned, speaker I have ever heard. You go to hear a little bit of Martin Luther King, and what you get is a righteous dose of Frederick Douglas.

Reverend Barber

"If you can't accept the Pope's message on justice, climate, and care for
the poor, then you can't accept Jesus either." — Rev. Barber.

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Yeah, I have some less "impressionistic" photos, too, and I'll work some up shortly. This one from the balcony does a better job of depicting the Reverend as the "strong nuclear force" that binds together so many disparate causes and passionate voices for social justice. After the Reverend's address, I took six quick frames from the balcony, aligned them on his face, then blended the stacked photos into a single image emphasizing the excited scrum. In the cloud crowd, you can pick out a few bloggers for the Daily Kos, St. James Reverend Brent La Prince Edwards, and singer Yara Allen.

Tech specs for them what care: 1/50s, F5.6, iso 12800, Canon 6D, 70-200mm F4IS with 1.4x converter, aligned and composited in Photoshop.

For background, some photos from the Mountain Moral Monday gathering in Asheville in August 2014:

barber woodby

Wanda Woodby is the woman to the left of Reverend Barber at the Mountain Moral Monday gathering in Asheville in August 2014. She's president of the Mitchell/Yancey County NAACP and introduced the Reverend with her "Don't Poke the Bear" speech.








some things are just better in black and white







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