Staring @ the Sun, 124

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Pros and Cons

05/27/2024. Several variables are under my control
while taking and processing solar image data. Imaging conditions influence some selections, but presumably some aspects of the workflow are common to all (or almost all) conditions.

I'll get back to this shortly. I've got a couple of ARs to deal with first.


Taking data:

Polar alignment


Size of frame

Flatfields (defocused or diffused)


Bit depth

Frame size





Number of Frames


Adjusting to Conditions:



Uniformity of Transparency

Seeing in all its forms


Refining the video:

Fraction of Frames

Selecting an anchor point

Number of alignment points



Processing the refined image:

Preprocessing (bring up shadows, preserve highlights, make exposure adjustments; crop unstacked areas; noise suppression)

Primary refinement using Smart Sharpen or ImPPG, note availability of more desperate measures like FFT, -FFT

Secondary refinement (additional sharpening, highlight/shadow control, noise suppression, color mapping)






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